Sunday, February 17, 2019

Another NEW blog -

I'm now also, among all my other projects, working on another new blog.  This new blog is just about Essential Oils.

So if your interested in Essential Oils, their uses, what they help with etc.., then visit:

Friday, February 15, 2019

DIY Olbas Inhaler - Using cigarette filter tips

Do you use i.e Olbas Oil?
In need of the inhalers on a regular basis?
Do you have cigarette filters - (Link: they're pretty cheap anyway)?

With just:
Cigarette filters
Dropper bottle
Olbas Oil

You can make your own 'Olbas Oil Inhaler' really easily.  It's cheap & will last a while longer too.

Simply fill a dropper bottle with cigarette filters.  Then drop in the Olbas Oil.  The filters will soak up the oil & change colour slightly.  Then simply insert the dropper bottle tip & screw the cap in place to fully push down the tip.  Then your all set.  Just take a little whiff when you need to, don't need to inhale deeply at all.  I've just done mine, see pic below.

When you feel it needs replacing just remove the tip from the dropper bottle & re-soak with a new lot of oil.  Replace tip & re-screw on the cap.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Distraction Blog Post - What are your life anthems?

This is just a distraction type blog post.  Like the title says "What's your life anthem(s)?"

Mine are:
Linkin Park - Numb
I can sadly relate to the video & most of the lyrics.  It's one of my favourite Linkin Park tracks.  I have a stick n poke tattoo of 'NUMB' on my inside left arm.  PLOT OF VIDEO INFO:
  • The video follows the domestic and social problems faced during a day in the life of an unpopular outcast young female student (portrayed by Briana Evigan). The girl apparently spends much of her time drawing pictures, revealing that she probably has dreams of becoming an artist. She is largely shunned and ridiculed at school, considering that when she is told off by the lecturer for drawing in class everybody laughs at her and teases her, when she trips on the stairs nobody stops to help her up, and that when she tries to join a group of girls at a lunch table they immediately get up and leave. There are also self-inflicted cut marks on her arms, which spell out "NUMB". During the song's climax, she is shown in her room, as she ties up her hair with a paintbrush, and throws paint at a canvas in anger. At the end, she runs into the church that the band was playing in, almost as if she heard them, only to find the church left behind empty.

Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life
Another one where I can totally relate to the lyrics.  It's the only real Simple Plan track that I like.  PLOT OF VIDEO INFO:
  • This song deals with teenage angst and how life can get so bad yet no one can seem to understand you.

Mention yours in the comments section.

Valentine's Day

Hope that everyone who's into it had a good/happy Valentine's Day today.  I'm personally not really into it, being Asexual, but I hope you all had a great one.

My secondary, NEW blog

I've recently been working on another blog for another home project I'm working on.  If your into wax melts, then visit: click HERE.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Life with EDS3

I'm currently watching 'Issues With My Tissues' ( on YouTube at the moment.  Michael Jackson is mentioned in documentary as it's quite clear that he was hypermobile/or an EDS sufferer himself.

As an EDS3 sufferer myself I can relate to all the chronic pain/dislocations/joint pain etc...  It's a horribly disabling condition to suffer from.

In August 2009 I had a shoulder dislocation that required a trip to A&E.  It wasn't my first or last.  I had to go again on January 30th 2019 for a shoulder dislocation.  On this most recent occasion my shoulder was out of place for about 8 hours.  After the dislocation in 2009 I went to Physio.  The Physio mentioned that I should look into EDS3 as she was sure I had it.  I've continually researched EDS3 since then, so I know a fair bit about it.  A few months later (Dec. 2009), I was diagnosed as having EDS3, along with my late Mum.  I was 31 years old at the time.  Every health problem I had while growing up (I had LOADS) finally all made sense.

So for almost 10 years now I've known I have EDS3.  It's a condition your born with, it's a genetic problem with the Connective Tissue (Collagen) of the body.  It's the glue that keeps ligaments/tendons/bones/muscles/skin/organs etc all together.  With those of us with EDS our 'glue' is faulty/weak/pathetic/fragile etc..

When my shoulder dislocates, as it did in 2009 & 2019 (& previous dislocations that I've had throughout my life) it is AGONISING.  Most times I could get it back in place myself, with a lot of time (due to the pain involved).  But as my right shoulder (my dominant side) has dislocated so many times now it's a LOT harder to get back in place myself.  I've had a few trips to A&E with dislocated shoulders.  One time I was given Morphine, then totally knocked out for them to get it back in.  In 2009 I was just given Entinox.  This last time I had Entinox & Propofol Gas.  Then pain was still just so intense.  I don't normally cry but this last time especially I was crying my eyes out big time.  Dr's & Nurses of course are like 'just try to relax your arm & try to push me away'.  When your shoulder is out of place, like what I had, you just CAN'T move your arm let alone relax.  You naturally tense up etc...

As I've recently turned 40 I'm having to rely on the sling for a while longer than when I had my first dislocation.  I have an MRI appointment at KGH for April, so we'll see what state my right shoulder is actually in.  I won't have surgery (if it's sugested), I have a few reasons.  Main one, which I will mention is sort've known about in the Zebra community, shoulder surgery often fails & multiple surgeries are often done.  Instead I'll rely on: CBD Oil/Kratom/Self Reiki/taking Creatine supplements/Aloe Vera tablets/Calcium & Vitamin D tablets/'Industrial' Hemp - NOT Cannabis/LIGHT exercise/Essential Oils/OTC Painkillers.

Sadly Dr's/Nurses/Medical Professionals don't really know much about EDS.  It is the most neglected health condition.  At a GP appointment a few years back my GP got me to explain EDS3 to a medical student (trainee GP).  Us sufferers do look mostly normal, so it's a hard condition to diagnose.  But there are certain 'party tricks' that we can (but shouldn't) do that are a dead give away.  One somewhat famous sufferer is Gary Turner.  He is a world record holder for having the strecthiest skin.  That's down to EDS3 though.  My eyelids are a bit stretchy.

There are the lucky few that are hypermobile (aka flexible/bendy) that don't have the chronic pain/dislocations etc...  For others, like me it's very disabling as the endless chronic pain alone can be just to much to handle.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Essential Oils

I'm getting back into using Essential Oils for: making lotions/oil blends/use in healing work etc...

Let's share the MANY uses/magical ways to use these potent little powerhouses.

I'll start with how I use them.

Tea Tree - My main favourite oil.  A true powerhouse in that it has so many uses & benefits.  I use a few drops in a spray bottle of Vodka to create a room spray/all purpose cleaner.  I also add a few drops to my DIY lotions for it's antiseptic properties etc...  I mix with a carrier oil so I can apply a little oil to i.e. my stick n poke tattoo's, to speed healing.  I mix a few drops with water, then with a compressed wipe, I clean wounds or kitchen worktops etc...

Peppermint - Another favourite.  I use this in very much the same ways as Tea Tree, to add a minty edge.

Frankincense - I'm just getting into this EO.  It's known as the 'King of EO'.  Mostly known by it's name due to the 3 wise men, 1 of them bringing Frankincense.  It's a powerhouse EO that can (in small amounts) be used internally.  But please make sure you use a 100% pure type if your going to use it this way.  Frankincense is great for: depression/fighting off cancer cells/headaches/skin problems etc...

Lemongrass - I've used this oil for a while now.  I tend to add a few drops of this into lotions that I make for stiff/painful joints.  See my other post regarding how I make lotions - which I made due to recovering (at present) from a dislocated shoulder & wanting to reduce the painful joint as quick as I can.

Clove - I love the smell of Clove.  I tend to add a few drops of this to my DIY Wax Melts.  Or I add a few drops (mixed with water) in a diffuser to fragrance a room.

Please feel free to use the comments section below to add your favourite EO's & how you use them.

Friday, February 8, 2019

DIY Nasal Snuff - How to make

I don't smoke 'normal' cigarettes.  I sometimes smoke herbals though.  I also sometimes use Nasal Snuff.  I do normally only go for Medicated as a rule.  It's the only time I really have a 'normal' sense of smell. 

Normally 24/7/365 my sinuses are totally blocked up.  They've NEVER been clear & 'normal'.  Therefore my sense of smell has always been a bit weak.  I can smell i.e. Celery & Fish, they make me puke big time.

Recently I wanted to try making my own Nasal Snuff using Pipe Tobacco.  After all Nasal Snuff basically is just ground up Pipe Tobacco & general tobacco.

To make your own Nasal Snuff, simply blitz up tobacco to as fine as you can get it.  I then pass it through a strainer into a coffee filter (Nasal Snuff).  Slightly bigger grains that don't go through get blitzed up again in next lot.  There will be some grains left that are too big.  I use these to put into a cigarette tube, to at some point smoke.  The only time I smoke 'more normally'.  Or I'd use left over tobacco as an offering for i.e. my Reiki Guides/Spirit Guides/Deities etc that help with my healing work.  As tobacco is a plant material just like any other.  Therefore tobacco can be used the same way as any other plant material.

DIY Lotions - How to make

Method below is how I make my own lotions.  I've just finished making some (for my own use) lotions tonight (see pic).

What you'll need:
Heat Source - I use a craft heat gun
Jug - To mix lotion in
Whisk - I use battery powered milk frother
Shea Butter
Carrier Oil - I use MCT Coconut Oil
Paraffin Wax - I find this easier to work with
Essential Oils

In the Jug place Shea Butter chunks.  Add a little Paraffin Wax, it helps it firm up.  Using Craft Heat Gun, melt Wax & Shea Butter.  When melted add in about the same overall amount of MCT Coconut Oil.  Melt & combine.  Add in your extras, such as a few drops of Essential Oils/squirt of CBD Oil.  Mix & combine using the whisk.  Carry on whisking, this bit takes a while.  When it's started to thicken up to the point it sticks to the side, you know it's mixing well.  Keep whisking for a bit longer.  It should remain a creamier colour.  When you think it's ready, pour into your pots.  Allow to firm up & test consistency.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Distance Healings

Reiki Distance Healings:

I have created/setup multiple Healing Banks (listed below).  These are limitless, ethereal storage banks for healings to be deposited (by me) & withdrawn (by recipient) when required.  I can also, with a few hours to do it all, setup a specific Healing Bank (for a particullar health issue) if needed. 

Let me know of the health issue to be alleviated/worked on.  I may already have a Healing Bank & Reiki System that may help.  If so I'll setup/deposit healing & let you know how to receive/withdraw it.  Also let me know recipient's full name, date of birth & location.

If I need to create a new Healing Bank & Reiki System for specific health issue, give me a few hours to do it all.  I'll let you know as soon as possible about how to receive/withdraw the healing.  Also let me know recipient's full name, date of birth & location.

My current 'Healing Banks':
Etheric Storage - Ratio 1:1 (10 min)
Etheric Triplicator - Ratio 1:3 (10 min)
Healing Splitter Bank - Ratio 1:6 (5 min each)
Chakra Healing Bank - 1 Chakra worked on - You decide which
Stress Buster Bank - Ratio 1:5 (5 min each)
Repair All DNA Bank - Ratio 1:1 (5 min each)
Chronic Pain Relief Bank - Ratio 1:5 (5 min each)
PMS Relief Bank - Ratio 1:1 (5 min each)
Orb Of Love Bank - You receive 1 Orb
PTSD Relief Orb Bank - You receive 1 Orb
Scapegoat Reiki - Ratio 1:1 (30 min)
Scapegoat Healing Bank - Ratio 1:3 (10 min each)
Dislocation Recovery Bank - Ratio 1:3 (10 min each)

If you require this service, I charge £5 per Healing Bank type healing.  Some, like the Healing Splitter Bank result in a few seperate, individual healings sent.  So if for example:

You require an Etheric Storage Distance Healing, then you get 1x10 minute distance healing for £5.
If you require a Healing Splitter Bank Distance Healing, then you get 6x5 minute distance healings for £5.

Internet Research/Typing

Internet Research/Typing Work Etc..:

Do you need to research something online/type up i.e. a letter etc.., but don't have the motivation/time to do it yourself?

Let me know what you need, research/typing wise & I'll work on it for you.  Please though send a donation if you require this service.  Give me a rough idea of what needs to be done & I'll get to it as soon as I can.

I'm at home all day, due to life long bad health.  I can't go out & do a normal job, but like everyone else, I have bills to pay.  I also enjoy doing internet research/typing jobs etc...  I'm pretty much always on my computer, all day, so it won't be any difference for me.

If interested, let me know via comments section below this post/or via email (

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Magical Oils

For those of us that are into Wicca/Paganism/Spells/Potions/Herbal Remedies etc...  Here's a short list (1 of several over next little while) of magical oils that you can use in your workings.

Asclepius Healing Oil:
1/2 part Rose
1/4 part Hyssop
1/16 part Juniper
1/16 part Anise

Blessing Oil:
1/2 part Lily
1/4 part Rose
1/4 part Narcissus

Blessing Oil:
1/2 part Jasmine
1/2 part Juniper

Grief Relief Oil:
1/4 part Lavender
1/4 part Chamomile
1/4 part Rose
1/4 part Ylang-Ylang

Health Oil:
1/2 part Rose
1/4 part Carnation
1/8 part Citron
1/8 part Gardenia

Monday, February 4, 2019

Want to try CBD Oil & or other products?

Are you interested in trying CBD Oil?
Do you have a medical condition that CBD may help with?
Do your kids have seizures?

CBD Oil especially is a big thing right now.  It's in the news often.  Everyone's giving it a go & many find relief.  I myself, use it.

I suffer from various health problems, Ehlers-Danlos/Essential Tremor/PTSD.  It has really helped me out.  I would initially grind up my supply of 'Industrial' Hemp & then use it in my own cigarettes by filling up cigarette tubes.  Smoking these definatley gave relief from the chronic pain which plagues me daily.  When CBD Oil really hit off I wanted to give it a go.  As a new way of using 100% safe & legal 'Industrial' Hemp.  So I watched YouTube videos for how to make my own.  I found a video, followed method shown, tried it & it worked for me.

But there is so much confusion out there regarding CBD etc...  Most people say/hear the word Hemp & immediatley think of Cannabis.  The stuff that gets you high.  I always knew & could work out that there were 2 plants that were similar, but different in a few key factors.

Hemp aka Weed/Cannabis/Pot = Usually has HIGH THC percentage, LOW CBD percentage.  Given that it's the THC which gets you HIGH & I didn't want this, I looked more (just to confirm my suspicions) into Industrial Hemp.

Industrial Hemp plants grow a little differently than Cannabis.  Their CBD percentage is HIGH while it's THC percentage is LOW, pretty much non-existent.  The CBD is what helps with so many health conditions.
To clarify:

THC=Compound that gets you 'high'.
CBD=Compound that helps reduce pain/helps with many health problems.

'Stoners use a high THC low CBD plant=Known as Hemp/Weed/Cannabis.  They don't care about the health benefits of CBD, when all they want to do is get 'high'.

If, like me & many others, you want the healing benefits, but don't want to get 'high' then you should use Industrial Hemp.  This has less than 0.3% THC & is 100% safe & legal to use everywhere.
To further add to confusion there's also Hemp Seed Oil.  This, while beneficial to some degree, it isn't the same as CBD Oil.

I co-own a new company, Health Hemp.  Our website is:  At the moment, while were starting out, we just sell to UK based addresses only.  But in the future we do hope to sell globally.

If your interested in trying CBD Oil & or other products (see our website), then please email us (see link on site).


I have PTSD due to: being Scapegoat in a Narcissistic family environment.
Diagnosed: 17th February 2018 via Licenced Counsellor

It's almost a year since my PTSD diagnosis, which I wasn't surprised by at all.  My PTSD is due to being the family Scapegoat, something I wouldn't ever wish on anybody.  Being the Scapegoat was/is pure hell on Earth.

Due to life long disabilities/lack of finances/being grossly underpaid in any job I could (with DEA help) get, I was stuck living with elderly parents.  Till their deaths in 2016.  I was 37 at that point.  For just over 20 years it was just Mum, Dad & me as my older (able bodied) brother moved out at the normal age.

Being with parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, I saw them at their best & at their worst.  I don't honestly remember any good at all during this time.  My parents would tell others, flat out lies about me, I was present a lot of the time so I know it happened.  Mum over the years became a true nightmare.  Dad also struggled to deal with Mum so it wasn't just me.  Every day was a battleground.  So much went on throughout those years of just the 3 of us.  It was just absolute HELL.

In 2016 both parents died.  Mum in April, Dad in August.  Mum died of Ischemic Colitis while Dad died of Colon Cancer.  As a result of rushed through inheritence after Mum's passing I was able to buy the ground floor flat I now live in.  I've always craved independence, but that only happened when I moved out at 37.

I had a few months of therapy.  Counsellor & I would chat/go over everything that happened (via email).  She confirmed early on that I have PTSD due to emotional abuse at the hands of my parents, especially my Mum.

I now try to raise awareness of PTSD.  As ANYTHING can cause it.  It's not just a Military thing anymore.

As a sufferer of PTSD I:
Have places/phrases/smells that trigger off an unwanted/unpleasant memory.
Struggle when washing/drying up after any meal as that brings up memories which just anger me.
Have trouble sleeping.
Have Mum just popping into my head all of a sudden, without warning.
Struggle if I see 'nasty' parents, as that's a reminder.
Have flashbacks - where I'm right back in the trauma, experiencing all the same physical symptoms.
Disassociate - zone out totally while re-living a traumatic/unwanted memory.
May suddenly burst into tears & have full blown crying fits for no real reason.

As abuse was from parents, for me PTSD is definatley going to be a life long struggle.  As parents are everywhere & always will be.  I'll always be reminded of my pure hell.  Everyone should have loving/caring parents who love/support/assist etc.. their children.  When you don't have that, it does mess you up for life.

I now also know the Narcissistic traits/behaviours/red flags etc...  As a result, I'm always going to be a bit more guarded.

Luckily in my life I have great friends (my bestie especially - hugest love & hugs to Ann).  I have those that are effectively 2nd Mum's to me.  I have great former neighbours.  All of whom are proper, decent, loving role models.  I love them all to bits.   xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Another NEW blog -

I'm now also, among all my other projects, working on another new blog.  This new blog is just about Essential Oils . So if your inte...